frisches Weidehuhn
  • Vakuumverpackt, ausgenommen und küchenfertiges Bio -Weidehuhn. 

    Unser Bio - Weidefleisch kommt küchenfertig zu dir. Das 2kg Huhn macht die ganze Familie satt. Du bist alleine oder zu zweit? Perfekt, spar dir den Aufwand und ess die Reste am nächsten Tag. Aus den übrigen Knochen kannst du eine hochwertige Hühnerbrühe kochen. Somit machst du das beste aus deinem Geld und aus deinem Huhn. Unsere Geflügel kommen ganz ohne Antibiotika und Hormone aus, somit ist dein Fleisch ist zu 100% natürlich - garantiert ohne Zusatzstoffe.


    frisches Weidehuhn

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    • How does my subscription work?

      • Sign up
      • Select the amount of chicken you want
      • We book your account monthly beginning at the start of June
      • Your fresh chicken will be ready every second Thursday beginning from June 3rd
      • Pick up is welcome direct at the farm or meet us at one of our organised drop off points
      • Coming up to the slaughter date we remind you via email 
      • Cancel your subscription at any time

      How do I receive my meat box?

      Pick up is welcome direct at the farm. Alternatively you can meet us at one of our organised drop off points. Coming up to the slaughter in November we’ll send you a reminder email with the exact appointment along with directions, google maps and a contact number.In case I don’t want to pick up my meat from the farm, were exactly are the drop off locations?

      What if you arent there/can’t pick it up that week?

      Try and organise somebody else to pick it up. If that day doesnt suit you it will be waiting in out on farm chiller for you the next day. Can I have my chicken zerlegt (brust, keule, wings etc)?

      I don’t know what to do with a whole chicken?!

      Don’t worry we have super easy recipes that come with your purchase, we also have videos for those of you who are more visual learners. Think beautiful roastes and hearty soups.. mmmm.

      How many people can I feed with a 2kg chicken?

      That depends how hungry your mouths are! Our whole chickens are 32% bones/68% meat. Call it 1360g. That will feed 5-6 hungry mouths in our family. But don’t throw the left over kadavar away! Follow our weide hühn bone broth recipe for a nutritious meal that can be stored in the freezer!

      How long is my hähnchen haltbar?

      As a guide your chicken is labelled with its due by date. Our process is carefully timed so that your meat is freshest at the pickup termine. Each bird is neatly vacuum packt.

      I don’t have enough room in my freezer..

      You should be able to fit . It wont take up more than one shelfs space. 

      Were do the küken originate from?

      Our friends Simone and Markus Spernbauer in Austria. I wont forget the first time Markus turned up in his clean little van. ‘Weres the chicks Mark’? Sure enough there they were, nestled neatly in cardboard boxes at the back of his van. I guess we were expecting something else. We admit their not local. But their approach to supplying small farms like ours with baby chicks is one that we choose to support.

      How old are the weide hähnchen?

      9 - 11 weeks. For reference konvientional live a maximum of 4.5.

      What breed of chicken are they?

      Die Isa! Isa 757 to be exact. And in case your wondering we raise both boy and girl Isa’s. Agile and curious this slow growing breed is suited for a life of free ranging. Without the health problems of fast growing races and a lengthier lifespan these chickens develope an entscheident geschmack.

      Can I quiet my subscription?

      Yes at any time, but you wont want too..



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